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Library Bulletin Board

This guide serves as a noticeboard to provide updates on the Library.


“mobile printing” refers to patrons bringing in their own devices (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) and trying to print.  Printing from devices loaned from our A/V program should be working."


Aug 18, 2017

Patrons can print directly from their own mobile devices (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.).  In short, you send an email (from your Hunter account) to... (for b/w output) (for color output)

...with your document added as an attachment.  You can then tap your OneCard at any b/w or color printer on campus.

Note: NOT AN OPTION AT PRESENT.  Must email from a Hunter account >> If you choose to email your attached document from say, GMail, AOL, etc., there is an additional one-time email that the patron will receive to register that account for future prints.  More to come…