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Library Bulletin Board

This guide serves as a noticeboard to provide updates on the Library.

Service Desk Phone Numbers

Dr. Murray & Anna C.Rockowitz Writing Learning Center (7th Fl): Dennis Paoli & Steve Seraphin:  212-772-4212

Skirball Science Learning Center (7th Fl): Angella Padilla  212-396-6458

Mary P. Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center (6th Fl): Barbara Barone  212-772-5371

Circulation desk (7th Fl):  212-396-6949

Bobbie & Lew Frankfort (6th Fl) Education Library:  212-396-6970

Dorothy Keyger Center for the Hunter Macaulay Program (6th Fl): Melissa Schwartz:  212-650-3550

Socrates Center: 212-772-5190

Additional phone numbers

Kadri  212-772- 5313. Office is just outside the turnstiles of the 7th floor (outside the library).

Health Professions Library 212-481-5117

Circulation Desk 212-772-4166

Welcome Desk 212-772-6800