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Library Bulletin Board

This guide serves as a noticeboard to provide updates on the Library.


Preliminary work on the migration of our ERes records from Docutek to Springshare’s product has begun.  We are in contact with both vendors to prepare a script that moves the data to their corresponding places on the new system, as smoothly as possible.  A sample migration will be attempted in the next week or two, and if successful, the entire ERes database will be copied over sometime in June.  David’s group will test/configure through the summer while Docutek remains available to the public.  We plan to be on the new Springshare system next semester.

E-Res Service Updates

Aug 21 2pm:  ERes scheduled to switchover from Docutek to Springshare for the public.  Corresponding weblinks, announcements, etc. will be made then as well.  Only David's team will have access to Docutek until they shut us down (end of August?)