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COUNS 720 -- Culminating Seminar

Finding the Full Text

Sometimes you will see a link from PsycINFO or ERIC directly to the full article.  If not, try the FIND IT button on your result screen.

You can also use the List of Journals on our homepage to see whether Hunter College owns the journal title, volume, and issue you need.


PsycINFO is a database produced by the American Psychological Association that tells you what articles are in the psychology literature.  You can easily convert your question into terms used in the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, which allows for more precise searching.  You can limit your results by gender, age group, and methodology, and to peer-reviewed articles only.

Quick Reference Guide: PsycINFO on EBSCOhost 






ERIC is the leading database for finding out what is in the education literature. There are two ways to access ERIC: the green ERIC link takes you to the free U.S. Department of Education platform, and the purple ERIC--EBSCO link takes you a paid platform that CUNY subscribes to (login is required from off-campus).  The EBSCO platform allows for more focused searching.

In either platform, you can browse the ERIC Thesaurus to convert your idea into descriptors, allowing for more precise searches.  You can limit your results to peer-reviewed articles, and also to a specific publication type (methodology).

Quick Tips for Searching ERIC (from the USDOE):


Subject Guide