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COUNS 720 -- Culminating Seminar

Reference Books

These can give you an overview of a subject, help you focus your topic idea, and tell you what the classic studies in the field are.

Encyclopedia of Counseling.  Frederick T. Leong, ed.  Sage Publishing, 2008.  4 vols.  Available online.

Encyclopedia of Cross-Cultural School Psychology.  Springer, 2008.  Available online.

Psychology of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia.  Eric M.Andermann, editor-in-chief.  Macmillan Reference USA, 2009.  2 vols.  Available online.

Encyclopedia of School Psychology.  Steven W Lee, ed.  Sage Publishing, 2005.  Available online.

The Handbook of School Psychology.  Terry B. Gutkin and Cecil R. Reynolds, eds.  Wiley, 2009.  4th ed.  Reference, 4th floor - LB1051 .H2356 2009.

Handbook of School Counseling.  Hardin L.K. Coleman and Christine Yeh, eds.  Routledge, 2008.  Library Stacks - LB1027.5 .H34 2008.

The Praeger handbook of Education and Psychology.  Joe L. Kincheloe and Raymond A. Horn, Jr., eds.  4vols.  Praeger, 2007.  Library Stacks - LB1051 .P635 2007.

Handbook of Motivation at School.  Kathryn R. Wentzel and Allen Wigfield, eds.  Routledge, 2009.  Reference, 4th floor - LB1065 .W46 2009.



Encyclopedia of Counseling: Changes and Challenges for Counseling in the 21st Century [Book] 





Other Books

CUNY+ lists all books at Hunter and throughout the CUNY libraries.  Some relevant subjects to search for are:

  • school psychology
  • student counselors
  • educational counseling
  • educational psychology
  • specific conditions or issues, such as ADHD or motivation in education

Subject Guide