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Welcome to Course Reserves/E-Reserves

Information and links relating to Course Reserves

Faculty: Put Items on Reserve

First time users should refer to the FAQ and Copyright sections above.


  • Use the Reserve Request form for all reserve requests for adding materials to a reserve list. You can also use this form if you would like library staff to create an E-Reserves account and upload your limited, scanned readings.
  • If you prefer to manage your own E-Reserves page/s, please use the Self Service form.

  • If there is material you would like to add as required course readings that the Library currently doesn't own, please use the form for Request a Purchase.

More about the E-Reserves system:

E-Reserves is an electronic reserves software program that enables students to access limited scanned sections from books that are not available online, journal articles that are not available online or in accessible formats, as well as other print and visual materials that faculty may use as required class readings. E-Reserve is not used for materials that Hunter Libraries have already made available online through other means. In the interest of accessibility, the library encourages posting a permanent proxy link to required readings that are available in library databases. Faculty who notice students having difficulty finding library materials are encouraged to refer students to librarians for assistance in retrieving available materials and to invite librarians to provide instruction in library research.



The tabs at the top of the page will provide you with additional information about using E-Reserves effectively and efficiently.

If you need additional help, you can contact:

Hunter Main Library: Jeanne Yan, 212-772-4160 or

Health Professions Library: Donna Braithwaite, 212-481-5117 or

Social Work/Public Health Library: Isabel Taylor, 212-396-7655 or

Zabar Art Library: Sarah Ward, 212-772-5054 or