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Reading & Literacy Research

Descriptors Related to Reading

ERIC descriptors, also called subject headings, are the most powerful way to search for articles.  The list below shows that main descriptors that relate to reading.  You can see definitions and related descriptors in the ERIC thesaurus.



Adolescent Literature

Adult Reading Programs

Associative Learning

Basal Reading

Beginning Reading

Childrens Literature

Construction (Process)

Content Area Reading

Corrective Reading

Critical Reading

Decoding (Reading)

Directed Reading


Early Reading

Emergent Literacy

Functional Literacy

Functional Reading


High Interest Low Vocabulary Books

Independent Reading

Individualized Reading

Informal Reading Inventories

Information Skills

Initial Teaching Alphabet

Language Experience Approach

Learning Disabilities


Literacy Education

Literature Appreciation

Miscue Analysis

Oral Reading


Phonological Awareness

Prereading Experience


Reader Text Relationship

Reading Ability

Reading Achievement

Reading Aloud to Others

Reading Assignments

Reading Attitudes

Reading Centers

Reading Comprehension

Reading Consultants

Reading Diagnosis

Reading Difficulties

Reading Failure

Reading Fluency

Reading Habits

Reading Improvement

Reading Instruction

Reading Interests

Reading Material Selection

Reading Materials

Reading Motivation

Reading Processes

Reading Programs

Reading Rate

Reading Readiness

Reading Readiness Tests

Reading Research

Reading Skills

Reading Strategies

Reading Teachers

Reading Tests

Reading Writing Relationship

Reciprocal Teaching

Recreational Reading

Remedial Programs

Remedial Reading

Sequential Approach

Sight Method

Sight Vocabulary

Silent Reading

Speed Reading

Story Reading

Supplementary Reading Materials

Sustained Silent Reading

Whole Language Approach

Word Lists

Workplace Literacy

Reading Lists

Multiple Literacies