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Intro to Research for Graduate Students

To help new graduate students get started with research at the Hunter Libraries.


Welcome to the Hunter College Libraries! This guide is intended as an introduction to resources for conducting graduate-level research for students at Hunter College. It is by no means comprehensive and instead is designed as a starting point for students new to Hunter College, the CUNY system, and graduate school in general. If you have questions or feedback regarding this guide, please see the box at the right for contact information. And know that you can always Ask-a-librarian for help at any time.

Finding Your Way

The Hunter College Libraries are actually four distinct libraries with different collections, personnel and locations.

Hunter and CUNY

Hunter College is home to four libraries, each with a distinct collection. As if that wasn't enough, Hunter also belongs to the City University (CUNY) system which provides all CUNY students with access to over 20 libraries in all five boroughs. So no matter where you live, chances are you have a CUNY close by. There will be more detail about each of the Hunter Libraries in this guide, but here is a map of all the CUNY libraries. The map includes location information, subway directions, and links to websites for each institution. Click on the link below the map to view it in a larger size.
View CUNY Library Locations in a larger map