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English 331: Structure of Modern English/S. Graves

Selected Educational Websites by Categories

For the study of language, Prof. Graves recommends the following educational sites:


The English Club: part-of-speech practice quiz with answers

Quick and Dirty Tips: one of the best web references for grammar and lexical categories


The Learner's Dictionary is great for hearing English pronunciation (especially when working on phonetic transcription), identifying parts of speech, finding different forms of a word that you need, and ascertaining usage, such as which prepositions go with which word.



The International Phonetic Alphabet: listen to and see the IPA

The Phonetics Flash Animation Project: see the mouth, hear the sounds and learn the categories


Ethnologue: Languages of the World


American Tongues: watch clips/American accents and their social implications

The Speech Accent Archive: regional accents in IPA, with recordings

Dictionary of American Regional English: Do you speak American?

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