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Guide to topics in religion.


Information Literacy

The Information Literacy Commons is a collection of Digital Learning Objects built by academic librarians for the teaching and assessment of information literacy standards set by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education.  It is also intended to be an interactive learning community designed to promote collaborative resource sharing, teaching and assessment across the curriculum with an emphasis on “best practices” and effective uses of educational media.




Write-N-Cite is a plug-in that you can download from within RefWorks.

Write-N-Cite works in coordination with Microsoft Word.  Use Write-N-Cite to insert citations from your RefWorks account throughout the body of a paper; Write-N-Cite will format them in your chosen style when you're done and will also create a reference list at the end of the paper.

To find out more about using Write-N-Cite, view the following tutorial.

Other Tools