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POLSC 110: American Government (Karapin)

Search CUNY+

What is it?

CUNY+ is a listing of all materials held by Hunter College Libraries and other CUNY schools. Go to the Library web site and click on “CUNY+ / Books” under the Find menu.

To learn more about searching in CUNY+, watch this Do We Own It? video.


Librarian's Tip: Searching by subject

Every book in Hunter's library has at least one librarian-assigned subject -- some books have more than one.  These subjects can be key to helping you find books on the topic that you are interested in.  But it can be difficult to find (and construct) the subjects.

Here's my trick.  Professor Karapin recommended a book called What you should know about politics  --  but don't by Jessamyn Conrad.  When we look at the record for this book, we can see that it's Subject is United States -- Politics and government -- 21st century. This is such a good general subject that most of your policy issues should have at least one book with this subject.  

To search by this subject, cut and paste it into the CUNY+ search box (you can follow the link above), and use the Select Search Type menu option (to the left of the search box) to choose Subject starts with. Click search and browse through the results.

When you find other useful books, you can check their subjects and, if you're already in CUNY+, you can click on the subject in order to do a subject search.

For more help with this, Ask a Librarian.

Books from other CUNY Schools

When you search in CUNY+, you search the collections of any CUNY library -- or all of them at once. If you find a book that you'd like to use and Hunter does not own it, you have two options. You can either go to that library to use or borrow the book, or you can click the Request the Copy button and the book will be sent to you, here at Hunter. You'll need the bar code on the back of your OneCard to do so.  For more help with this, Ask a Librarian