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POLSC 110: American Government (Karapin)

How do I find full-text?

Getting the Full-Text

From any database use the FIND IT button to determine whether an article is available online or if Hunter has it in print. Or, if you aren’t in a database, go to the List of Journals/Magazines or CUNY+ and search for the journal title. Note the volume, issue and year of the article and match it up with our holdings.

If a journal is not available at Hunter College, request the article via Interlibrary Loan. Requests are delivered as PDFs.

Using Google Scholar

You can access Google Scholar at If you're not finding what you want, try Advanced Search (click the small down arrow in the right-hand side of the search box).

While Google Scholar doesn't replace our own library databases, Google Scholar is helpful -- particularly for tracking down partial citations or to see how often (or where) a given article has been cited.

Link Google Scholar to the Hunter Library for all of your home devices. This will enable you to see full text of all articles for which Hunter has a subscription. Instructions

Finding scholarly articles in Hunter's databases

This is a list of the databases that will lead you to articles on your topic. This list is not exhaustive. You may find other databases of interest on the full database list.

To get started, use Opposing Viewpoints and/or Academic Search Complete.  You also might want to take another look at the General Reference sources on the Home page of this guide.  As you dig more deeply, take a look at some of the other databases that we've recommended.

Finally, if you already have a citation, you can see if we have the particular issue by checking Hunter's List of Journals.

How to Identify Scholarly Articles