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POLSC 110: American Government (Karapin)

Government websites

If you want to search Google, but restrict your results just to government websites (.gov), set up your search as follows: searchterm For example, immigration

Websites that help you understand political issues

Evaluating Web sites

It's important to be critical when using websites. Make sure the information is reliable and it comes from a credible source. The website below will show you how to evaluate a website.

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask

(From UC Berkeley)

This web site will show you how to evaluate a web site.

Questions to consider:

What can the URL tell you?

Who wrote the page?

When was the page last updated?

What are authors' credentials?

Are sources documented with footnotes?

Does it link from other pages?

Websites that look at the political process

Websites that look at election polling