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English 120: Clay Williams

Guide for English 120 classes.

Good Assignments

We are in the process of building a web site on creating effective research assignments. When it's done, we will link it here. In the meantime, here are some good resources from other universities:

From UC Berkely: Effective Assignments Using Library and Internet Resources


From Colorado State  University: Designing Effective Research Assignments

Sometimes instructors can give too much or too little research guidance in their assignments. Grand Valley State University has created a neat rubric that gives research guidance for assignment design:

Information Literacy

The Information Literacy Commons is a collection of Digital Learning Objects built by academic librarians for the teaching and assessment of information literacy standards set by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education.  It is also intended to be an interactive learning community designed to promote collaborative resource sharing, teaching and assessment across the curriculum with an emphasis on “best practices” and effective uses of educational media.