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Chinese language, literature & culture

A guide to library & web resources on this subject

Arranging your reference materials

Finally you reach the end of research process, and you have gathered an ample collection of resources. How would you organize them in an orderly format so an important information would not disappear from you when needed? The Library has the most efficient online tool ready to help you with this crucial step. Check out the following links and take your own pick (either Refwork or Endnote). Your success of getting your fabulous article completed is just around the corner.

Citing your publication

At long last, the torture of research and writing is behind you, and your own publication will be born soon. However, hold off your celebration! The completion of yoour paper is still one step away. You need to cite those references which have helped you every step of the process at the end of your publication. Major styles of citing references are: APA, MLA, Chicago, ASA and, again, the help with mastering the style you choose is underway by checking out the following links.