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Chinese language, literature & culture

A guide to library & web resources on this subject

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Hunter College Library maintains a dedicated collection of publications on the topic of Chinese Language and Literature. For books, please search our online catalog CUNY+, or visit Hunter Main Library stacks and browse area PL1000-3000.

CUNY+ is the CUNY-wide Library Catalog. The Catalog is a database of the materials (books, e-books, DVDs, journal titles, etc.) that are held at each library in the CUNY system. Is the fastest, most efficient way to search for things in our Libraries.




ILL Service

If you conduct a search on Worldcat,or  Google Books and find a book you need, but it is not owned by Hunter or any libraries of CUNY, you may use our ILL service to borrow it. This service is patron initiated, and it is FREE of charge to you. Check it out and benefit from it.


At any point when you are puzzled with the navigation of this guide or have a question about library service in your mind, you are very welcome to tap into the following link and see what we can do for you.

More books or articles (beyond Hunter) on this topic

Using the following databases available for Hunter community and searching the topics on "Japanese language", "Japanese literature", there will some results, although  a great majority of them were written in English, NOT in Japanese