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Chinese language, literature & culture

A guide to library & web resources on this subject


The Great Wall is one of the most vivid symbols of China's ancient grandeur and its majestic culture. "I had great admiration for the Chinese civilization" as President Obama's remarks indicated after he toured this site in the end of 2009.

Like the Great Wall, the Chinese language and literature also represent the magnificence of this diverse and profound civilization. This library guide will assist you in discovering the beauty of Chinese culture and exploring its language and literature. While you may begin your research by sampling the Hunter College collection, this guide also provides you with an extensive array of multimedia resources and links from the three major regions of Chinese culture, namely China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. As the field of Chinese language, literature & culture is so enormous, and this is an interactive site, we encourage users to share your own ideas, recommendation, or resources with us, so we, together, can make this pathfinder more helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments regarding this guide.    

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