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Reading/Writing Center Tutors

A library reference guide for the RWC tutors.


All databases provide the option to Print, Email, Save, Export, or Share your citations. Look for these options when using our databases.

Printing in the Libraries:

Use the Export option with Bibliographic Management Tools:

Free Printing!

Free printing and photocopying is available (up to 300 pages per semester) for undergraduates only at the Student Resource Center, Thomas Hunter Hall, Room 202. 

Hours (subject to change anytime): M-F, 8am-8pm, Saturday 10am-6pm.

Each semester undergraduates have a balance of 300 pages (printing and photocopying combined) that are paid for with their Student ID card.  This is not in any way connected to the OneCard accounts that are used to pay for printing/photocopying in the library and elsewhere.