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Intro to Research for Graduate Students

To help new graduate students get started with research at the Hunter Libraries.

Books within CUNY

CUNY+ is the fastest, most efficient way to locate books and other materials at Hunter and in other CUNY libraries. It is searchable in a variety of ways such as author, title, keyword, and subject.

If Hunter does not own a book you need, check to see if it is available in another CUNY school by selecting "All CUNY Libraries" when searching CUNY+. Through a system known as CLICS (CUNY Libraries InterCampus System) you may request books from other CUNY libraries to be delivered to a CUNY library that is more convenient for you, like Hunter.

Here are the instructions for requesting materials from other libraries in the CUNY system via CUNY+. And in case you are averse to clicking on links, here are the steps to follow:

1. Search for the book you want in CUNY+. (In case you forgot how: How Do I?)
2. If Hunter does not have a copy and another CUNY library does, click on the name of the library that has it to bring up the screen where the call no. shows. While the default search for us is to only search Hunter, you can search across all CUNY libraries by selecting "All CUNY Libraries" from the drop-down menu on the right side of the CUNY+ search screen:


3. Click on the Request a Copy link (orange box on left side of screen):

4. A screen opens up asking for a bar code and password. Type the bar code number (e.g. 2140700-------) in both boxes (unless you have changed your password). Click Log In.

5. Your home campus will show as the pickup location. If you'd rather pick the book up somewhere else, you may change that. The Period of Interest usually shows a date at the end of the semester. There's no need to change this, unless you really won't need it past a specific date. Click Go and the next screen will show whether or not the request has been successful.

6. If the request is not accepted it is because there are already too many requests pending, or because the book does not circulate outside its home library, or because there is a problem with your ID. To resolve these issues, call 212-772-4166.

Metro Referral

When the book that you need is not available through CUNY or through the New York Public Library, you can use a Metro Referral Card. The Metro Referral Card will enable you to use the book in another (local) institution's library, but you will not be able to borrow the book. 

Click for more about how to get and use the Metro Referral Card.

If you need to borrow the book, see Interlibrary Loan below.

Interlibrary Loan for Books not in CUNY

Additionally, if a book you need is not available somewhere in CUNY, you may request these items through InterLibrary Loan. Be sure to read the policies before requesting materials in order to ensure that your requests get processed with maximum speed and efficiency. This new service is open to all Hunter students (even undergraduates), faculty and staff.

Contact Norman Clarius at 212-772-4192 or with any questions.

Course Reserves

Professors sometimes place materials "on reserve" at the library. These materials are usually required for specific classes, and placing them on reserve ensures that everyone in that class has equal access. Being "on reserve" can mean one of a couple of things:

1. Books, videos and other materials are physically at the library behind the Reserve Desk (Main Library, 2nd Floor; Branch Libraries, ask at the Circulation Desk). These materials can be "checked out" for two hours at a time and must stay in the library. Photocopies can be made, but the stuff cannot be taken out of the library. Most traditional reserve materials can be located using CUNY+ the same way you would look up any other book.

2. Materials (book chapters, articles...) are on "electronic reserve" (or e-reserve, or ERes) and can be accessed via the internet from the e-reserves page, usually with a password given to the class by a specific professor. You can look up e-reserves by your professor's name, your course, department, or the title/author of the document you need.

If you need help locating course reserve materials, read the information below. If you find you still need help, please ask a librarian!

How Do I Find the Document / Article I Need?

Once you are logged into the ERes system, the directions are fairly intuitive. Follow the on-screen commands. The procedure is as follows:

  • Search for your course by department, instructor or title.
  • Make course selection from results list and click on Go.
  • Enter the password provided to you by your instructor.
  • Read the Copyright Notice then click Accept.
  • Material is alphabetically arranged, select the desired material.
  • ERes will open the program needed to read the material (i.e. Adobe Acrobat Reader, MS Word, Netscape or Internet Explorer).

If you are having difficulty with the system, you can contact the following Library staff:

Hunter Main:

Jeanne Yan

212-772-4160 or

Health Professions:

Donna Braithwaite

212-481-5117 or

Social Work:

Arlene Shapiro

212-452-7076 or

Questions or concerns may also be directed to:
David Donabedian, Head of Access Services
Email: ddonabed@hunter.cuny.eduPhone: 212-772-4176.