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Library Guide for Social Work & Urban Public Health Library at Hunter College


Information Literacy for Social Work Education and Practice


Image of plaque that hangs in the library lobby.  It reads "The Paul Schreiber Collection: The library collection of the Hunter College School of Social Work is named as a memorial to the founding Dean of the school."

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Information Literacy for Social Work Practice

One hour information literacy modules for social work practice are embedded in the following courses:

Module 1 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I  (711) The Foundation: Library Resources for Social Work

Page 4 , page 5 and page 6

Module 2 Social Welfare Policy II  (702) The Expanding Information Universe: Integrating Subscription and Publicly Available Information Sources for Social Work Pages 6 and 7
Module 3 Research I  (751) Advanced Database Strategies for Social Work Research Pages 5 and 6
Module 4 Professional Seminar  (790) Pulling it All Together and Going Forth All Pages

The Social Work & Urban Public Health Library


The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College

2180 Third Avenue at 119th Street

Circulation Desk: 212-396-7654

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